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Sermon outline: Jesus the Creator

Attachment is my powerpoint.  Jesus our Creator   Propositional Statement:  Jesus is our Creator, who’ll continue to create a new heavenly body for us.  Let’s worship Him.   Intro: I heard from pastor Mike that you are going through this series called “seeing Jesus throughout the Bible”.  That’s a great series.  You guys are in […]

(Devo) Good and faithful servant

Background: I’ve been reading this book “The complete works of E.M. Bounds.”  It’s a book given to me from pastor Kaj long time ago.  During the Christmas break, I decided to start reading a page at the time.  The first part is about prayers, specifically how prayers are the keys to be an effective preacher […]

Sermon: The Fine Print in the Gospel

** attached is my powerpoint.  The fine print in the Gospel Propositional Statement:  There’s no Salvation without Surrender. Intro: It’s an honor to be here sharing God’s word with you. (introduce myself if needed)   I was in Indonesia last week, preparing a different sermon for you guys.  But one of the points just jumped […]

Psalm 139 Pro-chioce

S: Psalm 139:13-18 O: V13:  This verse with v 14 and 16 is quoted by pro-life people. V14:  Indeed.  Millions of DNAs need to be composed correctly to make each of our body parts function so well.  Not just the outer visible ones, but the inner, invisible tissues are complex.  To think that people buy […]

Psalm 139 Lord’s hands

S: Psalm 139:5-12 O: V5:  God is both before us and behind us.  I place my hand and bless my daughter before I leave home.  I can picture God does the same when we leave home. V7-12:  The theme is that God is everywhere. It’s interesting that David chooses the words “escape”, “get away from”, […]

Psalm 139 Gift to the Mind reader

S: (NLT) Psalm 139:1-6 O:  V1:  God knows our thoughts and hearts.  Come to think about it, I hope to Him, it’s an opt’ed in deal.  Because my thoughts, and I’m sure many others’, are just awful. V4: The can either be 1) God knows the future, or 2) God knows us so well that […]

Psalm 34

S: Psalm 34 This psalm was written in respond to David’s encounter with Achish king of Gath.  In many ways, that was a very close call. O: V4:  David must be pretty anxious and fearful.  1 Samuel 21:12  He was alone, barely got food and a weapon.  He could either stay in Judea and got […]