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Sermon outline: Make God’s clay great again

Today, we’re going to look at a story.  It’s an illustration that God picks to describe his relationship with us.  And you’ll notice as we study, that God had to arrange a special event to show our prophet.  We’re going to look at the “Potter and the Clay”.  This analogy has been used often, like […]

Sermon outline: Jesus the Creator

Attachment is my powerpoint.  Jesus our Creator   Propositional Statement:  Jesus is our Creator, who’ll continue to create a new heavenly body for us.  Let’s worship Him.   Intro: I heard from pastor Mike that you are going through this series called “seeing Jesus throughout the Bible”.  That’s a great series.  You guys are in […]

(Devo) Good and faithful servant

Background: I’ve been reading this book “The complete works of E.M. Bounds.”  It’s a book given to me from pastor Kaj long time ago.  During the Christmas break, I decided to start reading a page at the time.  The first part is about prayers, specifically how prayers are the keys to be an effective preacher […]

Sermon: The Fine Print in the Gospel

** attached is my powerpoint.  The fine print in the Gospel Propositional Statement:  There’s no Salvation without Surrender. Intro: It’s an honor to be here sharing God’s word with you. (introduce myself if needed)   I was in Indonesia last week, preparing a different sermon for you guys.  But one of the points just jumped […]

First Sunday sermon

I preached my first Sunday sermon message at Pastor Mike’s English service (12/13/15).  That’s a big milestone to me.  Now I’ve preached in class, retreat, wedding, and Sunday service.  Praise God for opportunities. I had spent probably 1 month preparing a message for them.  But the week before, God told me to only focus on one […]

Are spirits bound by gravity?

I thought “if I can be a ghost, coming out of my body, why in the world would I stay on Earth?  There’s the whole universe to explore.  Maybe there’re other life forms that God created out there.”  Then I thought, “wait.. then if I leave earth and go to another galaxy, how do I […]

God sighting – Igor and Loren’s Wedding

The forecast was pretty gloomy.  (like.. 85% chance of rain).  Then I started to pray, “Lord, have mercy on him and show him You are real and that you love him.” I started to check the forecast daily.   And there’s no sign of change.  And in fact, it’s started to lean from ‘rain’ to […]