First Sunday sermon

I preached my first Sunday sermon message at Pastor Mike’s English service (12/13/15).  That’s a big milestone to me.  Now I’ve preached in class, retreat, wedding, and Sunday service.  Praise God for opportunities.

I had spent probably 1 month preparing a message for them.  But the week before, God told me to only focus on one point, and it could be a pretty controversial point (salvation isn’t free).  So I checked with pastor Kaj and pastor Mike.  They both agree with my theology… so it’s a confirmation.

Thank God for pastor Steve Schell, pastor David Pawson, pastor Kaj Martin, and Pastor Francis Chan for great material to … borrow.  But the initial idea, and my main propositional statement is from a quote by Kyle Idleman.

Propositional Statement:  There’s no Salvation without Surrender.

So I’ve essentially wrote 2 sermons. Man.. it’s hard to write 30 minute sermon.  So much to teach, so little time.  I applaud pastor Mike doing that every week.

I consulted with pastor Kaj.  He said that I’m what’s called the “pinch hitter” (baseball term) speaker.  That’s when I have the liberty to preach something that’s heavy and shocking, and then let the main pastor answer questions people may raise the following weeks, and ‘clean up the mess’.  So the good thing is that I don’t need to teach everything.  It’s what lots of pastors want.  And it’s a lot of fun to preach those sermons.  Pastor Mike said since he’s also doing a regular class, he can definitely use this opportunity.

I came in there, and discovered that it’s mostly youth (lesson learned: should have asked who my audience is).  So I had to quickly change some of the examples, analogies, vocabularies, and tones that I use.  The funny this is the night before, my wife asked “aren’t you preaching to the youth (English service at his church = young people)?” and I said “hmm I don’t think so.”  but was too lazy to ask pastor Mike.  sigh… prophetic wife, shoulda listened more.

There’s also God sighting because for about 2 weeks, I’ve had this mad coughs.  And it wasn’t getting any better on Saturday afternoon.  I could hardly speak.  But I know my church, friends, and pastor Mike’s church have been praying for me.  And on Sunday, I was able to speak, and only let a couple of coughs came out.  Praise God for He is good.

Too bad it wasn’t recorded.  Wish I knew if I rocked like a boat.



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