Are spirits bound by gravity?

I thought “if I can be a ghost, coming out of my body, why in the world would I stay on Earth?  There’s the whole universe to explore.  Maybe there’re other life forms that God created out there.”  Then I thought, “wait.. then if I leave earth and go to another galaxy, how do I get back to Earth?”  Then it came to me “wait.. if spirits are immaterial, and they can pass through objects, then … are they bound by Earth’s gravity?  If I, the spirit, don’t move with the Earth and its rotation and orbital movement, Earth will ‘pass through’ me and pass me by in space.  And I’d need to constantly fly to catch up with Earth.”   Weird thoughts eh?

Then I asked my wife this question.  She had the good sense and wisdom to answer “In the Bible, it describes angels like ‘he suddenly shows up and disappears.’.  So I don’t think they’re bound by gravity, but neither are they bound by space and our dimensions.”   Smart wife eh?

So yes, I might be able to visit various galaxies and planets, at cross dimensional speed.  In reality though, spiritual realm is out of my imagination.  Why would I care about 3D universe when there’s a whole new realm to explore and know?  Our universe would be like my playing stickers, moving them around, pasting them, on a children’s sticker pad with my daughter: BORING.


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