God sighting – Igor and Loren’s Wedding

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The forecast was pretty gloomy.  (like.. 85% chance of rain).  Then I started to pray, “Lord, have mercy on him and show him You are real and that you love him.”

I started to check the forecast daily.   And there’s no sign of change.  And in fact, it’s started to lean from ‘rain’ to ‘thunder storm’.  Kept on praying.

The day before, I checked the hourly forecast, and it wasn’t looking good for the wedding.  I woke up on the day, looked outside, and it was gloomy, but no rain.  That’s great.  We proceeded to do our thing, taking pictures, hanging out, having lots of fun, forgetting all about the forecast.  All was great, until the ceremony.

The wind picked up.  And you could feel the humidity increasing quickly along with people’s anxiety.  Then.. BOOM! a roaring thunder shouted from a mile away.  I could almost see everyone’s thought bubble, “oh no, let’s get this ceremony done quick”.  Looking at the sky, you could see that a couple miles away, it’s started to rain.

Yet, as roars of thunder kept on happening around us, rain started to pour down everywhere BUT where we were.  We had time to finish the ceremony, had time for cocktail and hors d’oeuvres, had time to take group pictures.  It’s not until everyone was done, got inside, and the reception started did it start to pour on our avenue.  As if God had His hand covering that part of the sky for a whole hour.  This is an answer to my prayer, and it’s something only God can do.  We plan and plan, but we don’t control the weather.  Yet God can.  And by this, He’s demonstrated to us that He was there.

I praised God for that.  We don’t get so lucky for no reason.  God’s involved.

Yet this miracle is just enough that people who are open to God can see God, and people who don’t won’t.  It reminds me of this passage where God audibly spokeinto a crowd and some people in the crowd thought it was thunder while others thought it was an angel.  Yet a few actually heard what He said and know it’s from God.

It’s not like stars all align that night in the sky and spells out “Hi everyone, I’m real. Have a nice wedding – Love, God.”  <- which I believe people who don’t want to worship God will still claim it’s a very very lucky coincidence.

But I think deep down in our spirit, we’ve acknowledged that such miracle of coincidence/luck is from God.  Then our mind and reasoning quickly smear that spark off.  Cuz.. it cost us too much for Him to exist in our lives.





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  1. Loren Shkolnik · · Reply

    What a blessing to have you in our lives Jack! I remember thanking God the moment the clouds started to break and the sun started peaking through. Our wedding was everything I could have asked for and more. Thank you so much for the prayers and being part of our wonderful wedding!

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