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Matthew 22 Gnashing of teeth.

S: Matthew 22:1- O: V1:  This is one in a series of parables that’s attacking the flaws of the Jewish leaders and the legalistic, hypocritical state of the religion.  Jesus was on fire.  But it’s interesting how Matthew places this one here.  Because if it’s really against the pharisees and priests, shouldn’t he place this […]

Matthew 14-16 3 walls blocking the kingdom of Go

3 mountains keeping people from Kingdom of God. 1)  Bond by flesh and world. Herod wants to walk the religious line, but wants to indulge the flesh.  He likes John and his preaching, but compared to his flesh indulgence, his political power, he chose to kill God’s word and kill John. 2)  Bond by selfish […]

Matthew 7 Real faith in a Real God

S: Matthew 7:21-29 V21-22:  Jesus is implying that on the judgement day, He will be the Judge.  People will say to Him “Lord”.   He has the power to reject them from entering Heaven. V21, 24, 26:  Jesus is equating obeying His words with doing God’s will (V21).   What’s Jesus’ words?  Let’s have another look at […]

Matthew 7 Sick branches

S: Matthew 7:15-20 O: V15:  Because the narrow road is hard to find, there’re ‘guides’ (Isa 9:15-16).  But there’re true guides, and false guides. V15:  There’re false teachers that are out to destroy.  They’re greedy and hungry, sucking their followers dry.  They want money, and they’re out to defy holy living, while taking others down […]

Matthew 7 Hiking Christianity

S: Matthew 7:12-14 O: V12  Golden rule.  It sums up the moral laws.  But what does it have to do with prophets? People who want to be left alone will leave others alone; people who want friends will be proactively friendly to others.  People who likes to receive gifts should give gifts. V14:  Why can’t […]

Matthew 7 knock a little longer

S: Matthew 7:7- O: V7 some people say there’s a progression of effort.  ask < seek (look) < knock.   Why is there a difference in the level of effort? In NLT, it added “keep on asking/seeking/knocking”.  Perhaps the Greek verbs are in a continuous progressive tense.  (that is in the footnote of NASB).  Basically, ‘don’t […]

Matthew 7 Doctor, heal yourself first.

S: Matthew 7 O: V1-2 (MSG) mentions the “critical spirit” that jumps on other people’s faults. V4-5 (NLT) This reminds me of the “Doctor, heal yourself first” saying. Some people are ‘naturally’ critical, or you might say, they’re perfectionists (of other people), or that they are demanding. V6-7  There’re a few interpretations.  What are the […]