Matthew 6 How can I be rich and serve God?

S: Matthew 6:1-24
O: V4,6,18  Jesus talks about rewards from the Father.  Reward is not payment.  So we’re not paid to pray, fast, do charity, and serve.  But in a greater context, Jesus mentioned storing treasures/wealth in heaven.  So those rewards can very likely be heavenly treasures.
Once in a while, I see someone (myself included) expect earthly reward for doing good / pious things.
V24  (NASB) “he will be devoted to one and despite the other.”  That’s true with God.  Have you despite God before because He was in your way to “make more money / become someone / do something / be with someone / go somewhere / have something”?  At that point, you wish you weren’t a Christian and that God isn’t real.  Because…. you’re serving 2 masters.
Some Christians get out of that struggle and append it with “But, God gave me strength to pull away from that master, and led me through and to where I am today.  I’m grateful.”

V24  “You can’t serve both God and wealth” doesn’t mean you can’t serve God but also be wealthy.  So the question is: “How is that done?  I want to be rich and serve God.  How do I become wealthy if I don’t serve it?”
Then you hear answers like “If you work hard to make money FOR God and FOR charity, then you’re really serving God.  So even though you’re serving wealth, but God is ultimately the One you serve.”  Therefore, serve money, but remember God.
Almost 100% percent of people who follow that teaching / excuse / reasoning leave church within a few years.
I think having that question is fundamentally wrong because it shows you want to serve 2 masters.
If you follow God, it’s not really up to YOU if you’ll be rich or serve Him with money.  “Making money” isn’t one of the ‘gifts’ listed in the Bible.  It’s up to God if you’ll be rich.  It’s up to Him if He’ll open the right opportunities for you to change your job for the better, invest wisely, meet the right people, buy the right house at the right time, etc.  God will decide if you’re trustworthy enough to handle more resource.
Therefore Matthew 6:33 “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

P:  Father.  I give my well being, finance to You.  I’ll be a good employee so that I don’t steal from my employer.  Please keep me and my family away from wealth if that’ll hinder us from being closer to You.  Help me to see in the budget where I can give more for charity, instead of hoarding wealth.

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