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Matthew 6 The trick to develop love for the unlovables

S: Matthew 6:21 O: V21 Notice that it’s NOT “Where your heart is, your treasure will be there also.”  There’re 2 perspectives that can be applied. 1) As observers, we can see where a person’s heart is by where he puts his resources, especially money. 2) Some honest Christians say “I don’t care / love […]

Matthew 6 How can I be rich and serve God?

S: Matthew 6:1-24 O: V4,6,18  Jesus talks about rewards from the Father.  Reward is not payment.  So we’re not paid to pray, fast, do charity, and serve.  But in a greater context, Jesus mentioned storing treasures/wealth in heaven.  So those rewards can very likely be heavenly treasures. Once in a while, I see someone (myself […]

Matthew 6 What’s covering your eyes?

S: Matthew 6:22- O: V22-23  I think “body” is figurative.  It’s more like soul.  [MSG] paraphrase ‘lamp’ as ‘window’.  [NASB] the word for ‘clear’ (lamp) in Greek means “whole”, but more importantly it means “single/simple”  like it’s a single/whole piece of lens/glass instead of divided bi-focal piece. V22-23  This passage is also in Luke 11:33-36 […]

Matthew 6 What is heavenly treasure

S: Matthew 6:19-21 O: V20:  What advantages do earthly treasure have?  You can see it.  You can access it and trade it for other gratification fairly quickly.  Unless you can store up ‘credit’ in heaven, and then use those heavenly credits on Earth, it seems pretty useless. What disadvantages do earthly treasure have?  You can’t […]

Matthew 6 To Save money or not to save money

Matthew 6:16-34 O: V19:  This verse can be interpreted 2 ways.  One is what most people believe to be practical: I) Don’t ‘value’ material stuff, make an effort to invest in heavenly things.  Don’t accumulate wealth for the sake of accumulation, seeing your bank account grows is exciting but it’s not happiness and it’s temporal […]

Matthew 6 Forgiveness is required.

S: Matthew 6:12-15 O: V14 “Does that mean we don’t need faith in Jesus?  All we need is to keep on forgiving to have our sins forgiven and to enter heaven?” V15:  “I thought all we need is faith in God to enter heaven?  Now we need to add forgiveness?” Does God’s forgiveness not equal […]

Matthew 6 Lord’s prayer

S: Matthew 6:8-13 O: V8:  If God knows what we need, why pray, why remind Him? V9-13:  This prayer is  similar to Luke 11’s.  In that context, a disciple asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. V9-13:  Some people say that the order of this prayer is significant. We first seek God’s name, kingdom, […]