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Matthew 5: Be like your Father in Heaven.

S: Matthew 5:43-48 O: V43-44:  This gets me thinking about the difference between Islam and Christ.  Islam’s god seems to want his followers to stay in V43.  (If you’re a Muslim and I’m wrong, please forgive me and inform me how I’m wrong.)  V46-47: Christ points out that (v43) this traditional saying is nothing than […]

Matthew 6 Don’t compete for God’s glory

S: Matthew 6:1-8 O: V1 This pretty much sums up v2-v8. V4, 6:  There IS reward from God for doing righteous things.  Expect them. A:  Besides giving and prayer, what other ‘good deeds’ / ‘righteousness’ can be applied in this passage today? Excessive sharing in Bible study? — Should nothing be done publicly then?  Because […]

Matthew 5 ‘shit happens’, praise God.

S: Matthew 5:43-45 O: V43:  “Love your neighbor as yourself” is found in Lev 19:18.  But there’s no where in the OT that says “hate your enemy.”  So somewhere, people added that into a traditional saying.  V45: There’re 2 ways to translate this “You shall shown yourself to be” or “to be” sons of God. […]

Matthew 5 A gift for an eye.

S: Matthew 5:38-42 O: V38: Taken from few OT places. Albeit, it’s not always the case. In the case of theft, I remember the thief has to return 4 times what he’s stolen. Deut 19:21: It’s talking about false witness, “do unto the false witness what he accuse you of.” Ex 21:24 is about hurting […]

Matthew 5 Be careful what you Promise

S: Matthew 5:31-37 O: V31-32 Jesus explained the principles behind divorce and marriage in Matthew 19.  Two shall become one, and God intended for people not to divorce.  There were 2 schools of teaching back in Jesus’ day.  In the OT, the ground for divorce is “uncleanness/indecency” (deut 24:1).  One school interpret uncleanness as virtually […]