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Matthew 5 Jesus: the amazing trader.

S: Matthew 5:27-30 O: V27-28:  Jesus goes after the heart, opening up the meaning behind this command. V29-30:  Is Jesus for real?  Serious about this?  Is Jesus literally promoting physical-self-destruction to prevent sin?  Who’d ever go to heaven in one piece?  OR.. is this said in the context of V28 (lusting after a woman) and […]

Matthew 5 What kills?

S: Matthew 5:21-26 O: V22: “Everyone who’s angry with his brother shall be guilty…”  Anger kills. “You good for nothing…”  Pride kills. “You fool…” words kill. V23-24: Funny example here is that you’re supposed to go make amendment with someone who’s angry with you.  You’re not angry at them, but you’re required to go make […]

Matthew 5 Jesus fulfilled the Laws so that I don’t have to do anything… right?

S: Matthew 5:14-20 O: V16:  This goes back to the idea that Christians should do good, benefit the community, neighborhood, tribe, family, house, and room.  This is also one of the first times Jesus says that God is our Father in heaven, which could be a foreign concept for Jews back then. V14-16:  Is this […]

Nehemiah 13:1-9 Tobiah’s stuff in your heart

S: Nehemiah 13O: V4:  I was wrong.  So maybe the wall has been rebuilt, but it’s not dedicated yet.  After it’s rebuilt, and before the dedication happened (because Nehemiah was present when the wall was dedicated in C12:31), Nehemiah went back to see the king (v6).    V1: “same day” = the day of wall […]

Nehemiah 10-13 Old Year Resolution

S: Nehemiah 10-13 O: C11:2: Is it a sacrifice to relocate to move to Jerusalem?  It’s indeed a hassle to uproot and relocate.  But I’d imagine the city is already populated from all the workers that built the wall and temple. C12:23:  This book mentioned here, “the book of History”, is probably where Nehemiah got […]

Nehemiah 8-9 The Joy of being Born again.

S: Nehemiah 8:13-9 O: V13: The very next day, the leaders want to know more about the Law in detail.  It feels like a new born Christian all of a sudden start to hear God, and is hunger for more of Him and His will. V17:  This is hard work, and it’s not as comfortable […]

Nehemiah 7-8:12 Why we need (to seek out) Bible teachers.

S: Nehemiah 7-8:12 O:  v3-4:  The reason is simple.  It’s the Middle East = hot.  Imagine Arizona without A/C, the mid-day is when the city shuts down due to extreme heat (it is around July when this happened).  So shut the gate to reduce guards.  v7:  Mordecai?  Esther’s uncle?  (I spent some time googling it, […]