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My wife doesn’t like me cussing.  I can understand.  First of all, I don’t want to bring God into stuff (ie.. using His name in vain).  And it’s not a good thing to speak perverse words.  However, I think she takes it too far by not letting me saying “holy cow, crap, sucks, etc.”   […]


S:  Deut 10 O: v14-17.  In verse 17 it says that God doesn’t show partiality, yet in verse 15 it says God chose Israel above all the other nation.  Isn’t that partial?  I think v 17 talks not about total impartiality.  Read along the context, what it says is “you can’t bribe Him to do […]

Dream log

Had a dream about Jeremy Lin, In this final playoff of the season, Nicks vs Team A, in the locker room, he’s missing.  He’s has been on vacation with his family couple days before, and apparently, he’s late.  WHAT!?  That’s not cool.  When telling who the starting roster players are, the coach handed them a […]