SOAPY Philemon 1:1-9

S:  Philemon 1:1-9

O:  ODB: V9. God can use a person no matter how old he is.
v9-10.  People may think that they can’t be productive to the Lord in their old age, but in V9-10, Paul sets a good example.  Even though we may not be as physically active in serving the Lord, what we can do in our senior years is to minister to individuals.  Here Paul ministers to both Philemon and Onesimus by his written appeal, to mend for the 2’s past broken relationship and to seek healing.  He had convinced Onesimus to return to his master.  When we get old, we can still minister to individuals to heal broken relationships with words and letters.

v9.  This verse also shows how important the attempt to mend relationship and reimbursement are.  One may think that “oh! now that Onesimus is a Christian, there’s no need for him to return to his master.  And we can keep everything hush hush.”  But it doesn’t glorify God.

v8.  Paul respects Philemon for his faith, love, and good deed.  Thus instead of ordering him, he appeals to him as a brother.

A:  I need to be wise in knowing what I can do at my current stage of life.  I have the energy to lead lessons/worship to groups, and study and work, and raise a family, and do mission in Africa.  I need to treasure these gifts.  I need to seek out clearer vision.
In what relationships do I lack integrity and needs to make things right?  mmm work?  mmm praying more for Cherry?

P:  Thank you God for Your gift of youth and strength. I’m Yours.  Please strengthen me and enlarge my territory.  I need wisdom to set the right priorities.  I need eyes to see Your choice of mission field for me.  Please show me if there’s any area that I need to mend.  and I pray for courage to be like Onesimus to ask for forgiveness, and the love like Philemon to forgive.

Y:  Yes Lord, I’ll be faithful in the field You give me.


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