Monthly Archives: January 2011

Peer Pressure

A girl thinks that her bf doesn’t love her enough and certain expectations aren’t met.  She asked her peers whether her expectations are too extreme; and he asked his friends if he’s weird for not naturally meeting her unspoken expectations.  We see this play out often enough in everyday life. While it sounds normal and […]

sons of God and daughters of men

In Genesis chapter 6, it talks about how the Sons of God and daughters of men got hooked up. For many years, this passage had been in my “huh?” list. But after studying last night, I got it.  According to other ancient Arabic writings, the term “sons of God” refers to Sons of Seth, who’s […]

LMI acceptance

On Saturday, I went to an interview for LMI and took an English skillz test. I’m accepted.  I’ll be starting LMI in March, taking 1 class for now, and see how and where God leads me.  2011’s life style will be drastically different.  I may not have any Saturday free.  And this may last for […]