Monthly Archives: December 2010

Dream Log: Divine Nails

This dream is interesting…… I dream that I go to this mega church with some friends.  We sit in the 2nd front row worshiping and listening.  The sermon has some questionable teachings.  And incidentally, Joel Osteen is there (who is not the preaching preacher of the day).  But he went on the stage to say […]

PCR from Tere

ultimate PCR from Theresia ♥ Good tofu seaweed soup.3 pieces of juicy pork chops. Fried egg + boil egg!! Meat sauce, which is not the normal ground pork, but shredded pork, is excellent. Stir fried cabbage is great. The preserved veggie isn’t that great, but it can be easily fixed. Cost: heart attack. lol j/k […]

prayer words

I’ve been praying recently and 3 words came to my spirit.  1)  Life instead of death and destruction  2) Victory instead of defeat.. and 3)  I don’t remember 😦   Thus, I’ve been praying for life to spring forth in all things, from my sister, for my ministry, for my relationship, work, school.. etc etc.    […]