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Budget for 5.0 scale of frugality

income:  10% tithe.  (before tax)10% saving.  (before tax)10% offering.  (before tax) (remaining 70% – necessary bills) = extra bills = (tax, rent, gas, gym, cell phone, grocery, car insurance, internet, cable) 30% of (extra) = fun.    Fun = eating out, extra good clothing, movie, games, dating, facial 30% of (extra) = investment saving 10% of […]

Dream Log: assassin

I’m a spy, an assassin, maybe even a suicide bomber.  After my hard attempts I finally got really close to this rivalry family, and got to live with them in their condo for a few days.  What I have with me, is a notebook timed-bomb, that’s already activated and counting down.  But I’m torn.  The […]

2 Tim 2:16

What is “godless” chatter (NIV)?  Some other versions also use “worldly, profane, idle, empty, vain, irrelevant.”  Must we always talk God related things?  I don’t think “godless” chatter is the same as “ungodly” chatter.  Ungodly chatter is more like talking about fornication, stealing, how to lie, sin, idol worshipping, etc.  But “godless” chatter, to me, […]


In the 1040 showing and Jaeson Ma’s preaching, he said the pastor of the largest church in Korea (and probably the world) prays 10 hours a day.  Then he uses 1 hour to write his sermon.  Jaeson prayed 6 hours per day.  Jack Hyles prays 20 hours per week before he can preach.  God told […]


My friends got me a snowboard (only the board) for my birthday.   The impressive thing is that they bought it back in April, shipped it to EYan’s place and kept it until now.  We were playing 20 questions trying to figure out what it is.  But for the longest time, I had no clue.  Even […]

Night before my bday

It’s pretty funny.  1)  In HCC fellowship, I sat next to Tere in the back.  During our discussion of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire, I heard this noise that sounds like a ring tune.  People looked over to Jim, who’s by the piano.  He went “oops… ignore me,” and quickly closed a singing bday card to […]


From a sermon by pastor Jack Hyles:  He left nothing undone. Joshua left nothing undone what the Lord had commanded. Being a leader, I’m sure he’s got tons of things undone, mainly the “people pleasing” things.  But he left nothing what the Lord asked undone.Proverbs 31 doesn’t command a woman, it merely describes a good […]