Monthly Archives: October 2010

Equal Love

My friend said “In every relationship, receiving and giving will never be equal.  Either A loves B more, or B loves A more.I heard that if a guy loves a girl more than the girl loves him, the marriage or relationship will last long.  Vise versa, because the girl will somehow feel disappointed.”  Is that […]

Dream Log

I think this may be a common nightmare for people. I dreamed that my bottom front teeth are growing and running into each other.  I so started to lick them into place.  But they got loose, and without much effort, I pulled them right off!I was like “OMG!!!!  It’s so ugly!”  Imagine whenever you open […]

DC and counseling

During last week’s Sunday school prayer request, Da the senior said something mean to Er the Freshman as Er shares her prayer request.  For a long time, Er’s prayer request has been listing off her super busy academic schedule “Oh.. I have 3 tests this week, 5 swim meets, violin lessons… etc etc etc etc […]

Dream log (pregnant)

First, the dream log. I dreamt that my mom is preganant.  (btw, she’s 60).  Not just pregnant, but she’s 8 months pregnant, holding up her big belly.  I decided to take a couple of weeks off to go back to see her and the life that’s inside of her.  I figured I should start talking […]