Monthly Archives: September 2010

Dream Log

Magic!!! Like RPG games, fantasy stories and comic books, in my dream last night, there was MAGIC! Richard made a wish and BAM the world is magic enabled.  Usually, to cast a spell, we need to say the spell.  But I decided to try without it. I hold my right hand in front of me, […]

Dream Log

This is a dream from a friend of mine, that I’m in.  It’s interesting, so I have it down. Basically, the setting is zombie outbreak.  A group of us are in this house near Montlake blvd.  We’ve set up some defense so that the zombies are all outside.  But it’s only a matter of time […]

depressing day

The night before, I was reading this comic book which I’d translate it as “Advancing Giants”.  The main character is great.. yet.. is killed in 4th chapter.. (very early).  (7 chapters so far and going)So I went to bed some what depressed. This morning, I found out from a mutual friend that the fail with […]

Family Prayer Song

Today @ church, I saw something I like.  Deng was the song leader.  At the final song, the song was “The family prayer song” Our regular pianist stepped off and Little Grace, Deng’s daughter was playing the piano for that particular song with amazing skill.  Little Grace was on the left playing, the power point […]