Monthly Archives: March 2010


I went to “The Well”  worship after snowboarding.  I went there with Selina and Richard mainly to check out how other churches do their worship event/night.  (surprisingly, we also saw Jiamin there)After a few songs, a speaker who looks like my age, came up and gave a talk “Spirit Filled Witness”.Passage taken from Acts 1:5 […]


Think about1)  What my underlining interest are and the interest of other party?  2)  Alternatives?  (what alternatives do we have if we don’t negotiate?  ie. Sueing?  Where to sue?  probability of winning?) 3)  Potential Negotiation Outcomes.  (Is it better than the alternative?)  (Good for both parties, otherwise the chance of successful negotiation is sad) 4)  […]

Game Addiction Theory

Based on this article 1.  Creating rewards for action and mission.If you spend TIME and effort, the reward, virtual or not, is worth something.  2.  Randomness reward to make sure the player keep pressing the lever.  “If you want to make him press the lever as fast as possible, how would you do it? […]