Monthly Archives: January 2010

God loves

As I marveled on the Tuesday poker victory during my morning devotion today, I started to picture that God was actually right there when I played.  In fact, He teamed up with me, and was tilting the table in my favor.  I thought, “wait.. GOD was with me?”  and more importantly, “He was playing POKER […]

God sighting

It was a good day yesterday.  I donated some money to Red Cross.  We had an unofficial company poker tournament.  I made a vow to donate the profit to Red Cross (Haiti).  The entire night, I had really good hands and really good flops, it was magical.  Flopped 2 pairs, trips, etc.  And other people […]

Review of Taiwan/HK Trip

First of all, the thought is:   Jehova Jireh = God is my provider.  Throughout the trip, I can see His grace on me. 1)  Finding 蓮霧.  蓮霧 is a summer fruit, thus during the time I was there, it’s out of season.  Dad, Jimmy, Ben, and I visited the new 光華商場 after the wedding.  There […]