Monthly Archives: March 2009

Jury 1

Day 1.  During the Juror selection process, the plaintiff and the def lawyer asked questions such as “Let’s change the law a little bit, and make it so (guilty until proven innocent, don’t need reasonable doubt, don’t need unanimous rule) do you agree and why?”, and bring other hypothetical cases to question the 50 jurors.  […]

Drum and Jury

Praise God.  We got 2 drum sets on the same day.  One totally brand Pearl Export set with Zilzan cymbols (I think retail is over $1000) for $750, and then the lady found out we’re using it for church, gives us $100 extra discount, thus $650.  And we got another practice one (2 toms, 1 […]


1)  2/28, Went to Black Diamond for the first time in snowboarding, because I think I’ve leveled up enough to handle the blue and carving.  I asked Ying Hua to showed me around.  The muggles are pretty bad… because as I try to break, the 2 edges of my board can get caught in between […]