Monthly Archives: October 2008

dream log I was lost in a near-by island during a scuba diving trip.  Thankfully, my cell phone reception still works.  After some exploration, and determined that there’s no way out, I called PJ to come help.  He came.  As we are driving back, I learned that he has won the Nobel prize “Putting others […]

discussion note from FYI 10/15

The reason why church friends aren’t as close as other friends is because when we see church friends, we see them in the fellowship/group setting, and we discuss about Bible or our book, etc.  We lack the one-on-one caring time.  Thus, to effectively care for someone, perhaps the BEST way, is to take this person […]

Dream Log: 1)  I dreamed that Wei and I drive down the road to buy an air plane.  Because it’s an expensive “toy”, so there’s no need to buy it all by myself.  So together, we will buy a 2nd hand plane, fix and modify it, then take the pilot lesson.  2)  I dreamed that […]

Jesus didn’t get involved in politics.

Every child of God has the gift of the Spirit.  Some people manifest it easily, while others need to work on accepting what’s already given to them.  But the glory of God and the revival of church don’t come from the pouring of the Spirit, but come from people saying ‘yes’ to God and obeying […]