Monthly Archives: September 2008

Dream Log: Someone picks up a suspicious handkerchief on the floor, goes into a party I’m in, and leaves the item on a table.  Dad (not my dad, but I recognize him as our dad in the dream) picks it up.  After asking around making sure it belongs to no one, he takes a sneeze […]

Dream log. I’m in this restaurant with a group of friends for a friend’s bday party.  During the course of the meal, the waiter brings 2 bottles of wine and asks if we’d like them.  Without much thought, I go “do it, they’re on me.” When the bill came, I was petrified.  Because bottle #1 […]

Puyallup Fair

I went to the Puyallup fair for the first time.   And I’ve got 1 word for that:  REVENGE! We arrived around 12:30 pm.  Hungryyyyy~~~    so.. I had the Double Quake Earthquake burger ($12)  Seriously.. it’s that big (for me.. with 2 patties) Afterward, we need to have some carnival food such as Elephant ears.  Then […]