Monthly Archives: September 2007

Trap I was in Seattle early morning to help a friend out.  I was closely following a bus towards an intersection at 3rd and Pike, when at the end of the intersection, the bus slowed down, paused a bit so that a car will get back into the lane.  This caused my vehicle to be […]

We won! Thanks to my awesome team mates (especially to 2 awesome players), we won the annual company golf tournament. Our score is -7, wherewas the 2nd place is only par.  Each got $100 gift certificate.  I did make a 60 feet, 4 break, 3 curve pud shot which  brought us a birdy.  Awesome crazy […]

Recap of the weekend: Oregon Dune Road Trip.Cast: Leon, Mr.A, Mike, Anupam, Lee, and Ming.  1)  First of all, THANK GOD!! 感謝神 I almost died.  It was 九死一生.  Anupam picked a terrible time to cut pass the van in front of us, when a car is heading right toward us in the opposite lane.  Had […]