Monthly Archives: August 2007

The True meaning of Winning Way Winning Way 的真諦 Over a dinner recently, Leon and Mr.A talked about lotto.“I heard it’s now at $250 million.  You know how there’s a price point where buying a lotto is considered a good investment? (because of the risk you put in, plus the return you may get.)  Don’t […]

Memeory of BusAs I reminisce this part of my past, I feel proudly ashamed.  I had to do bus commute when I was in elementary school, back in Taiwan.  On entering or getting off the bus, people paid their fare in coins.  We’d drop our coins in box.  Coins made their noise and landed on […]

Yesterday was a humbling day. I went to the Bellevue Table Tennis Club for the first time with a few of my company ping pong team mates.  And we got our asses kicked by old dudes. Scary Old Dudes: #1)  Russian.  He’s so old he has trouble walking and bending down to pick up the […]