Monthly Archives: February 2007

First Dance. Strongly invited by a few people from FYI, and especially when they said “I’d pay half of the ticket for you to go.”, I went to the first prom-like dance in my life in the CSA Semi-formal Dance.  Hard to believe, but I didn’t go to my high school dance.  And not to […]

Chinese New Year Eve, which we spent in Richmond, BC, was great.  We ate, shop, ate, shop, ate, ate, then KTV.  Here’s a little interesting excerpt of the day: Fredy the Waiter:  “Here’s your check.”  R:  “Excuse me.  We found some bugs in our dish.”Fredy the Waiter:  “What do you want us to do?”  (trying […]

悲到底就不叫悲了 那就叫美了 這句話 一開始 是從 “那一夜, 誰來說相聲” 聽到的本人雖然不喜歡悲劇 但是還是蠻同意這句話現在我只能用 這句話 來形容 我朋友的遭遇 我在想 人生有如一場戲他如此這麼做 這麼愛 這麼傻是否是不自覺的 想要 加添 一點 那種”美” 在他的戲裡然後在他晚年時他可以對人 還有 他自己 說 “看!  我盡力了!  我沒有遺憾.  不後悔.” 那時 沒有人會問 “美不美?“也沒有人須要回答答案在大家的心中都很明顯 現在 我應該阻止他 走向那悲到底的美的境界 嗎?? 你有沒有 看過 一群 老人 在比他們的故事? 老人A : “我當年 離開 在 大陸的父母 來到台灣 然後 怎樣怎樣” 老人B:  “你那沒什麼!  我當年 怎樣怎樣 後來 怎樣怎樣” […]

 Green Slime’s solution: How to quiet annoying kids on a flight? I went to Kansas for vacation, visiting my family. On the way back, there’s a little 15 month old girl sitting across the aisle. She was hyper, making lots of noise, wanted to walk around, and interact with other people on the flight. The […]