Monthly Archives: January 2007

Lesson notes:  To Avoid bankruptcy.1) Talk to the lender and tell him that if the property (used to be $60G, now worth $50G)  were to foreclose, the lender will lose big.  (lose $20G)And tell him that I can subsitute this current one with a a new collateral.2) Go find a collateral at the “Discount Mortgage […]

Get buff’ed in Heaven. Things in Heaven are incomprehendable now.  During FYI, we discuessed what is the so called “Rewards/Treasure in Heaven” and why should we trade the treasures on Earth for things in Heaven.  Of course, the whole meaning behind Matthew 6:19 is that things here are temporal and will decay, and that things […]

15 seconds to tell the world  edited summery of a conversation: Green Slime says:CBS is giving a chance to people to say whatever they want to tell the world in 15 seconds on national anyone can create a 15 second video clip on youtube.  and say whatever they want.  Then CBS is going to […]

Who will you miss more, President Gerald Ford or godfather of soul, James Brown? James Brown gets my vote. 

Man Vs. Wild Bear Grylls: Professional Climber, British Special Forces, MasterOutdoorsman, My Hero. On the show “Man Vs Wild”, he intentionally gets lost in popular vacations sites to show you how to get out alive. He’s the  men’s man.  This picture is from his trip in the rain forest of Costa Rica where all he […]