Monthly Archives: October 2006

Haunted House I visited a Haunted House in Renton Sunday night.  Instead of an actual house with a history of horrifying tales, it was held in an motorcycle exhibition center.  I guess, I should call it The… haunted exhibition center~~~~~~  ooooooo  scary.    Yea.. you know you won’t get scared at an exhibition center.    Especially, this […]

last nightI went to a comedy club with a friend.  I treated her cuz for her bdayI wanted to see a comedian, who’s only a feature act, not the headlinerThe comedian I like (Tina Kim)  did really well…ShaoI and I had a great laugh.   But then.. when the main headliner came up on stage,  […]

Women tend to like rough, tough, ruggish texture whereas Men tend to like soft, smooth texture.  If I design bras and panties made out of sandpaper, I think that’d sell. 

My friend decided to write a story based on his experience.  Sad experience.. but I hope he makes millions from writing this story. ” When do you keep trying, and when do you let go? Are some couples just not meant to be? Do the stars have to be aligned, and are we helpless if […]

God is good.  I took my old friend, KawaiiPandaX, who came to visit from CA, to Seattle Comedy Underground on Sat night.  This was also my first time ever going to a comedy club.  The headliner was Ty Barnett, who won 2nd place in NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”.  We came from a bun fire gathering […]

The Settlers of Catan, or simply Settlers, is a very fun board game.  You get to utilitize 5 different resources to build settlements, roads, and cities.  From that perspective, it’s like Monopoly, which I love.  The game also involves negotiated resource trading with other players.  Eventhough you can’t screw people over like you can in […]