Monthly Archives: September 2006

dream log A murder was committed and was reported on different news media as a simple homocide.  Yet unawared by the common mass, there’s a great corporate/political scandel behind the death.  Only a handful of special talent people across the country noticed the faint link.  Each unaware of the other’s existence and begins his own […]

Team Golf Amaze Entertainment (where I work) had a 18-hole team golf tournament.  Two to four people per team.  Everyone on the team gets to drive / pud the ball each time.  But the team will pick the best result and use that location for the next swing.  Of course, you can’t just let the […]

Carman’s Witch’s Invitationstole it from Hanakanapanatara The statement at the end is true.  However.. I don’t suggest anyone to dive into any Witch challenge.  There’re times Christians need to fight, and there’re times we need to flee.  This time, I suppose the Holy Spirit spoke to him.

memory and dream Let’s say each person has a limited brain memory.  You can always remember more, but it’ll cost you to forget things in the past.  A friend told me that when a person wakes up from sleeping, his brain will shut off the memory part of the brain so that he won’t remember […]