Monthly Archives: August 2006

dream log there’s a robot exhibition coming up that a friend of mine is entering.  A few days before the show, I went to visit him, who is one amazing string puppet maker.  After decades of making puppets and integrating new technology, this old gentlemen’s “puppets” are now considered the top-of-the-line humanoid robots.  They move, […]

Mind control through clothing Phil1337 lend me a book to read, “Blink”.  I remember one of my blog readers also recommanded it.  In one interesting chapter, it talks about marketing canned food and soda pops.  The interesting fact is that there’re little details on the packaging of a canned food that can effect the TASTE of […]

HypnoMassage As I dwelled on the hypnotic idea more, it hit me that I can combine hypnosis therapy with massage therapy.  No one would turn down a good massage to relax their body.   During the session, I can relax their mind and spirit with hypnotic skill, giving them will to fight illness, gaining positive self […]

Jesus’s Posture I remember a while ago, pastor Mike was doing a sermon, and part of which talks about Jesus’s 2nd coming.  An idea came into my mind and I sketched down a few ideas.  I thought.. “Jesus will be sitting on His great white throne of JUDGEMENT.  What will His posture, being the Master […]

Jax Super Nova PC I want to build a new Super Jax PC next month.  This is my first time assembling a PC.  If you consider yourself a tech guru… I’d welcome your suggestion Here’re the parts I’m looking at: CPU:$602    Asus — P5W DH Deluxe — 975x CrossFire Chipset -MBoard – Audio -GB-LAN – […]

Hong Kong Style BBQ My sister is definitly money.  I had lots of fun when she’s here.  I had Hong Kong Style BBQ for the first time on Sunday with a group of40+ ppl (thx to Stephanie and William for organizing this.).  Unlike the BBQ that I’m accustomed to, which a couple people stand by […]