Monthly Archives: July 2006

Nine-Hole golf I played a 9-hole golf game for the first time with Stephanie, Antony, and William.  This 9 hole course is comparatively small.  The longest hole was 200+ yards away.  Only $8 per person.  We doubled our par and our time.  An average golf player should take 2 hours and 27 shots to finish […]

Words, God, and Healing and money making I’ve read and heard testimonies of how terminally ill people start to CLAIM their healing with their mouth daily, having Faith in God, and have the will to fight the illness.. comes out to be cured from such illness, stunning all the doctors who told her she’s got […]

How Money Are You?  Part 3 “You’ve been a friend with a girl you like.  How do you know if a girl likes you?” A wise man said to me, “What you do, Leon, is to take her to a REALLY BORING park, and all you do is the walk the park and chat.  If […]

Pastor Mike said something that I can relate to. “I’m a bass player.  So the way I learn to play is to listen really closely to the bass part in a song.  (he plays by ear)   Same with God’s voice.  In the midst of suffering, and in the mess of life, we have to learn […]

How Money are you  Part 2 Leon:  “Phil1337 invited me to this San Juan kayak trip.  In the beginning I thought it’s going to cost $50, but later, we verified that it’s going to be around $100.  So I thought… ‘WOW $100 is a lot of money!‘  So I stopped and thought about it.  Would […]

How Money Are You?       While talking to Shih Hui, this idea came up…… and I’ve got a new project. This is the title of a book I want to write.  Whose size is probably similiar to “Who moved my Cheese?”, short, simple, and super.  It’s going to sell millions and take me a step closer […]

HIP HOP DANCE For some reason, I ended up taking a hip hop dance class at UW.   Didn’t know much of what hip hop is, I came to the class hoping that I’d learn something practical for clubbing.  It turns out that hip hop dancing is a little different than what I expected.  Hip Hop […]