Monthly Archives: June 2006

Canada Trip was great. Thanks to Anthony, Phil1337, Brahmnes, William, Stephanie, Christina, Azusa, and many online friends who recommanded awesome restaurants to eat.  Visited the Grandville Market Place, Aberram(?) mall, Riverside Casino, Robson Street, and of course, the Night Market. This booth probably made the MOST money in the Night Market Here’s 1337 almost getting […]

Happy Mornings The weather in last few days have been awesome.  Went hiking and biking. I was going to go to the Fremont fair with a few friends and the youth group.  THANK GOD that everyone somehow decided to cack out and no one went, because all that’s  there was :naked bikers.  Had the […]

PretenderMy friend picked up this girl at a party, got her email and digits.  After a couple days, he called her and surprisingly, according to her, he had been texting her cell.  Apparently, there’s this dude who’s been texting her, telling her that he’s my friend, and had even set up a date with her.  […]

It must Suck and stink like dog poo big time to be born today If I were a mom, I’ll do whatever I could so my kid isn’t born on this day.  ————————————— Pike Place Market Street Fair is smaller than I thought.  Nevertheless, I praise the Lord for listening to my prayers and have […]