Monthly Archives: May 2006

Barbie and Ken“Ending an era of perfect plastic bliss, Mattel announced in 2004 that Barbie and Ken were going their separate ways after 43 years. While rumors swirled that a certain newcomer named Blaine, the Australian boogie boarder, played a part in the split, the couple’s business manager Russell Arons cited reluctance on Ken’s part […]

Ball Busting ride This weekend is interesting.  I went to our church’s summer retreat (2 churches combined).  It was less than ‘relaxing’ for someone like me, who was youth-sitting, worship leading, guitar playing, devotion leading, grieving, wedding attending (BTW.. zphreak got married!!), miles driving, stalker fending, horseback riding, and also… learning spiritual stuff.  However, I […]

Senior R US I read the entry from LexytheCat.. about how in LA, 2 elderly women took in homeless folks into their house, and being kind to them until those hobos sign up for life insurance.  Then the 2 old chicks ran the hobos over with their cars to collect the money.  What fascinated me […]

Dooms Day from Above This Video is AMAZING and IMPACTING, showing you how we’re all at the mercy of nature and God.  And how the face of Earth can be totally different within a matter of hours.  I also like how the music fits in really well.  Japanese stuff have great quality. Girl before Mom???!!!! […]

Lying Tongue I learned something interesting.. from Active Word devotional. Proverb 6:16-17 “These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,…..” “The book of Proverbs tells us that God hates a lying tongue. At first read, it seems […]

Update Eminem – When I’m Gone Haven’t updated for a while. 1)  Redmond has Cirque Du Solei.. a French circus.  Very artistic.. yet not what I imagined of a circus where you’d see lion jumping through the firary ring.  Expensive tickets of $60. 2)  Interviewed for a Marketing position.  but orz’ed.  Nevertheless, I think it’s […]