Monthly Archives: March 2006

§A±q¤õ¬P¨º¸Ì¨Óªºªü?  (Where on Mars are you from?) I sat down at a table in a teriyaki restaurant.  Next to me were 3 BIIIG guys doing some after lunch chatting.  I was all by myself and listening to their conversation.  They were carrying out a very normal, cuss-less conversation of their prison lives.  Yes.. that’s NOT […]

Generations of Power Ranger Morphing It’s pretty cool at the very end.  I want to be able to morph too.  “Green Slime Ranger, TURBO CHARGE!!!!”  And the background will have this huge soaking pile of green goo.   ———————————————- I learned Egyptian Ratscrew.  ———————————————- I met a childhood neighbor (way back in Taiwan).  Not […]

My friend, Bill, and I were talking about his relationship.  Here is this nice girl he’s been dating with.  There’s one thing that keeps him from getting into a deeper relationship and commitment with this girl.  She’s cute, kind, sweet, considerate, BUT she’s got physical issues.  She’s on multiple medication and has had cancer TWICE.  […]

Speed Pool.  EXtreme I learned how to play pool (billiard), the eXtreme way.  You can actually SWEAT from playing pool.  Fun stuff. 1.  Two people choose to be solid or stripe.  You can hit ALL the balls of your type and the Cue ball as long as it’s static (not moving) AT ANY TIME.  That […]

Sweet Love Song That some of my nerdy friends can relate to.  Funny stuff.  I think it maybe talking about Halo?

Today’s devotion, I read: “Separate Holy from Unholy! One of Jesus’s commands is to “Don’t cast pearl to pigs”.  meaning, “don’t waste your talent, gift, and time on things that doesn’t further the kingdom” (or something like that) Being effective salt and light in the world requires that we have an inward separation from that […]