Monthly Archives: February 2006

Berserker Bee (Dream Log) After surviving the assault form spaceShip-size rail-gunning aliens, the next wave of attack from the creatures of the outer world is:  Alien Bees.  From the far end of the horizon, I see a cloud, consists of hundreds of thousands of bees, approaching me in immense speed.  Some are as big as […]

Professional Hire Drinking Gun. An online friend was telling me that in China, drinking is a necessary part of everyday life of a working class.  It’s a part of business-social event.  Those after hours are when some negotiation is really done.  Now, that’s no news to me.  She later on said “Sometimes people even hire […]

Time is a valuable asset that attracts many robbers.  To prioritize what new activities to take on, think about:  Will this count 10 years from now?  and.. Will this count for eternity? Friends do first come by first sharing the same environment (work environment, class room), then sharing the same interest (playing ping pong, street […]

Project: Evangelical Pimp Juice Phill337 and I were talking about church expension… …. and here is the conversation about the new Project..  I put [ explanation] around for you guys. …… phill33t: hot is subjective we [the church] have asian girls for sure ZenJax7: hot is mostly objective I wonder how much money it’ll take to hire […]

Analogy of God and Man. Alpha Igs says: it was basically about how NASA on earth send a team of astrounauts to live on the moon and establish families there and they live there in space suites and have children who also live in space suites and eat food through straws etcand then they tell […]

The main character in my dream is a woman, very much like a young Uma Thurman (Kill Bill).  And I’m watching this whole dream from a director/spectator point of view.  Uma, a very skillful sword fighter, is designated as the “Chosen One” who will save the world from an unknown Evil in the future.  Supposely, […]