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Conquered god. Phil1337 asked this question during our Purpose Driven Life Sunday school.  “Why do we need to serve others, eventhough it’s one of the God given purpose?  and Why aren’t we fulfilling this purpose?” What was mentioned is “The prize in the future is worth less than the immediate prize.  The further into the […]

Magical Love Camera  (Dream Log) I dreamt that for a special occasion, my dad spent a ton of money buying a gift for each person in the family.  He handed me a box that’s about an arm length long.  And it turns out that it’s a digital camera.  Who nowaday make such a giant camera? […]

Bulimia.  Just like normal food, which is taken from your mouth and digested through your stomach, spiritual food needs to come into your life through your ears and then digested by your heart (meditation).  Pastor Mike said that last Sunday.  There’re times, I feel like I’m a bulimic christian.  If the spiritual food is not […]

1-800-PSYCHIC I have an opportunity to speak to a MS hiring manager for a xbox 360 tech guru position.  Eventhough that’s not the position I want to have (I want to be a game designer or a producer), and I personally don’t even want to do it (too much travelling), I’ve seen signs that tell […]

Anti-Salt. I was playing racquet ball the other night.  And at the end, I feel like a human pile of corrosive Salt, much like Lot’s wife in the Bible.  I’ve decided to try out a no-salt diet for a couple of weeks.  My primary meal intake will be fruits.  And if I do cook anything, […] Sigh.  Igs, Tr1dent, Phil1337.  We too will be millionaires.  We can do it.