Monthly Archives: December 2005

Green Slime’s Game Review:  Indigo Prophecy.   Score:  9.5/10Guys.  That game is a great game.  It’s available on PS2 and PC.  I’ve always believe that video game is the ultimate form of art, which combines picture, music, and story all together.  Movie is also like that.  Yet with video game’s Interactivity, it has brought that […]

LEVEL UP!  New skill leaned.  Ski Lv 1. I went with my family and my uncle’s family to an artificial ski place in Kansas.  It is my uncle’s family, my dad, my sister, and myself’s first time skiing.  At such a small ski place, there were more people than I imagine.  The slopes, of course, are […]

Break  (Merry Christmas everyone) Thank you for your prayers.  The interviews went ok.  I haven’t heard any reply yet from any of the companies.  I had a good chance to spend a couple of days with my old friend Ian (KawaipandaX)  The concern that I have more now is the fact I don’t like SF […]

Screwed!. I had another phone interview with another company in SF today.  They seems to be pretty happy with the way I presented myself.  Thus they sent me a “game designer test”, which I’m supposed finish it before I go to interview with them on Tuesday.   I looked over the test.. .. and…. I’m […]

I have no idea what they are going to ask me during the 5+ hours of  designer interview.  So I’ll just write things down to prepare. Q.  What’re some of the games you’ve worked on?  A.  I’ve worked on Samurai Jack, Lemony Snicket, Lotr. Q.  What design choices are good?  And what would you have […]

Power Ranger Freshmen.  funny stuff. ——————– I went to watch the Pre Screening of Narnia on Thursday night with K.  The acting was good.  Yet the story wasn’t as cool as I wanted.  Much to say about it.. but don’t want to spoil it to y’all.  ——————– I’ll fly down to Lucas Arts soon […]