Monthly Archives: November 2005

I got a new game:  Guitar Hero.  I rock. ————————I just had an phone interview with Lucas Art’s recruiting manager.  It went well.  I’ll have another phone interview on Friday with Senior designer and producer. Lucas Art is in the Bay area.  If they give me an offer as a designer or producer position, then […]

Picking up Cute, immature Christian girls – 101. A friend was telling me about these groups of young adults, claiming to be Christians, yet who don’t live a Christian lifestyle, and in fact, don’t really believe in God and Jesus being the Son of God.  Their lives revolve around sensual things of the world.  God […]

Tricky Man.  ¸¡¶Â¤H I went to library today to return some tapes, and met this person who I’ve played a couple of chess games with.  He said he’s going to teach the game “Go” to a 7 year old, and invited me to come play and to learn Go.  I remember I used to play […]

Project Containment. So as Eveline’s Project: New Adventure/Moving On is in progress, we need our own project to counter hers.  Currently named “Project: Containment”.  Yet frankly speaking, I think she does need to look for a new church family.  As she’s been serving in this church for a long long long long time, she’s yet […]

November 4. Thanks, my little minions.  I know that various little sweet efforts were collaborated to make the freezing 11/4 night so warm to me.  Many showed up.  The food, game, and the fact that you showed up truely gave me encouragement as your handsome slave driver .  ¯uµ¹§Ú­±¤l, ¤£¦n·N¨Æ.  This was the best 11/4 […]

The Devil plays for Keeps. 1 Peter 5:8 “Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.“  Do you know what devour means?  That means he eats you up!  Certianly he doesn’t plan to spit you back out.  Do you know what it means by […]