Monthly Archives: September 2005

Spin This is actually an interesting and well directed film clip.  Power = Responsbility.  This also makes me think about God. ———————————————- On a side note….. I was reading Pilgrim’s Progress last night.. and the story came across Christian encounters Mr. By-Ends and his friends, who are sort of religious, yet whenever they encounter hardships […]

Succubus I dreamt about this devil who walks among a rave club.  She has a lot of worshippers, both men and women, who bow down before her and offer their souls to her.  She’s not too pretty… yet.. somehow very attractive. again.. I’m experienmenting with 3 artistic versions.  which one do you like more? —————————- […]

Very strange experience. I went to the dentist this morning and had partial anisthecia.  Now when I drink cold water, I can only feel the cold water on my right side of the tongue and mouth.  And it’s as if there’s nothing on the left side of my mouth.  Soooooooo  strange.  I talk like God […]

I’ve been super busy with work.    not cool Super Cool Old Man.   nomimono = drink Watching this makes me mad though.  An old man is standing in the metro, falling asleep, none of the young people offer their seat to the old dude.  Who’s teaching those kids!!?  Where’s the respect and manner?  Young […]