Monthly Archives: August 2005

Master Cellist Getting back up from a self doubt period,  I had a special dream. This Cellist was performing upbeat cello solo not only with his hands, but with his toes picking the bottom of the cello strings.  Normally, one can only play 2 notes (2 strings) simultaneously on cello, max.  But this dude can […]

brief recap. Went to New Gen fellowship Friday Night with Phil.  It was great.  Too bad that happened to be their last fellowship before their summer break.  FYI will start before New Gen’s next session starts. Oh well, the plan is still to develop leaders of FYI, transfer my leadership, so I can hang out […]

Can you see “IT”? Monitor Your Thoughts. Last night, I finished reading the first part of a book.  I thought about monitoring my thoughts.  That is:  to remember my thoughts during the day, and analyse them, evaluate them, adjust them, etc.  After all, our thoughts create our future.  “As a man thinketh, so is […]

Tandem Level up  .  Monday was my first time riding a tandem.  And we crashed into a tree.  -_-||||| So Austin and I went for a ride at Lake Washington Park in Montlake.  The guy told us that the seats need to be high enough so that our legs can almost be fully extented standing on […]