Monthly Archives: June 2005

We’ve created ZOMBIE dogs!  So the news is that at the research center, they’ve brought a dead dog back to LIVE! This is the link. (fixed) Now.. that’s pretty S.C.A.R.Y.  So far.. I have no further comment. UPDATE: I talked to Tr1dent about it.  Of course the following topic arrives. So.. maybe we can have […]

1)  Tr1dent showed me his American BBQ with secret american sauce.  It’s pretty good… I think Cafe Ori’s pork chops are still a little better. 2) Then watched “Big Trouble in Little China”.  That’s one classic movies.  They made the movie before they know about Chinese.  It’s pretty messed up, and it’s funny cuz the main […]

photos from the retreat Phil 1337 owning the Munchkin battle We call this……  water balloon volley madness. Summer Balloon fight.  Phil1337 got owned.  Before we play…. .. ‘hide in the dark wood’ game.  I have to say that their skit (topic: creation) was pretty lame.  Mine (dead men do tell tales)  is the best.  Phil1337 […]

So… the Summer Retreat was great.  God has blessed us with sunny days once more (even though the forecast said it’d rain all weekend).  Thank you for they compassion, God. Canopy Effect One of the things we learned at the retreat was Canopy world.  This is what the world was like before the flood.  A […]

THEY LIVE Thanks to Tr1dent and Zach, I watched that ass-kicking, super manly, messed up, politically intriguing, classic awesome sci-fi movie called “They Live” So.. the next movie would be “Big trouble in Little China” ———————————— IS Adam a Wuss? After the movie, out of no where, I had a thought regarding to men-and-women relationship.  […]

Hi everyone, The NEWS is hilarious.  MacDonald wants to change the looks of its mascot, Ronald, into a more sporty and atheletics look. So… from  this   into  FINALLY  (.. .AHA.. you guess it.. the old picture I had.)  ³á©Ô³á©Ô³á©Ô³á©Ô³á©Ô!!  §A¤w¸g¦º¤F.  §Aªº¥Í©R¥u³Ñ¤U 5 ¬íÄÁ. olaohlaohlaohla!  You are already dead.  Your life has 5 seconds left.  ———————————– I […]

Real Life Pac-Man Now… that’s is cool.  Using the VR scope plus GPS, we’ve got VR Pac-Man.  Then there’ll VR Quake,  With the new Bionic Eyes….. this type of games can be accessed at anytime.   News Link Here. ———————————————— It’s cool that I recently started to pray for God to expand my territory, and He’s […]