Monthly Archives: May 2005

Folk Music Festival It was fun.  Primarily wanted to see the Bloody Finger Jonny Hahn stage show.  Yet.. it turned out to be pretty disappointing as he started to sing.  What’s even worse is that he’s quite a political dude… on the democratic side.  So.. all his songs are bashing President Bush about how Bush […]

Richmond Trip First of all….. ALL glory and honor and thanks goes to God my Heavenly Father.  The trip was so good I can’t describe it.  I thank God that everyone (total of 9) was there.  If one of them weren’t there, I wouldn’t have as great of time as I had.  Black Yuki being […]

Last Sunday, we had this Parrot show at my church.  To share how cool the parrots are….  I have this link for everyone. Cool Parrot ————————————– So.. the weekend plan has changed.  We’ll probably go to Vancouver B.C.  on Sat.  This will be the first time Tr1dent and Elicia has been out of the country.  […]

I dreamt that if I run really quickly, take a deeeeeep breath, and HOLD IT, then I can jump really high and my body will be light like a ballon, and I’ll start to float.    I’d need to quickly breath out, and breath in again (holding it) so I’ll stay floated.  If not done […]

Pastor Mike had this quote last Sunday, talking about “Purpose to Live for” “Our greatest fear should not be failure, but succeeding at something that in the end, it doesn’t really matter”——————————The coming Long weekend.. hmm what to do??  Current idea:On Saturday, I’ll do a short hike at RattleSnake hill with Tr1dent, Zphreak, and 3lic14.  On Sunday […]

UPDATED PHOTOS Ave Fair was FUN.  First of all:  ALL GLORY goes to God.  The forecast said it’d rain.  So we prayed the night before.  NO RAIN at all during the time we were there.  And 10 minutes right after we left (still in the car), it started to rain.  FYI and my friends had […]

Alright.. let’s pray that it’ll be fun tomorrow at Ave Fair.    Maybe I will bump into anyone of you xanga folks…. The Elevator Trick