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Leader Failure One of the saddest sentences in the whole Bible was written about a leader who totally missed the point of leadership. The life of Jehoram, King of Judah was summed up with this succinct record: “He passed away to no one’s regret.” His legacy brings to light the words of the late Dr. […]

Be what you want to be. Thanks to my friend Ken, I got this great song.  Amen to that.  I have no idea who’s the artist; yet the message is true.—————————————- I wonder if it’s out in Japan now.  If so, Monkey, please ask mom to buy it!!  Well.. it’s coming in theater in June, […]

The Bus Ride Spring Leadership 2005 in San Jose was super great.  I’ve learned so much regarding to leadership from all the different speakers.  Yet, it was from the bus ride that I learned the most. (btw.. thank God that I survived the 14 hour bus rides (from and back), and the long hours of […]

Green Slime’s Tactics against Muslim Terrorists. An idea came to me while I went to have dinner with my friend.  May God forgive me for having such weeeeevil thoughts.  Green Slime A-Salt tacticsInstead of spending $50 Grand per bomb we drop on Iraq, or millions of dollars on artiliaries, we spend half of that money […]

Since I dream a lot of weird dreams, I thought I’d take this silly online quiz.  And the only reason why I post this is the monster picture is cool.  LOL What do you dream about? Name/Nickname: Age: Zodiac Sign: AquariusAriesCancerCapricornGeminiLeoLibraPiscesSagittariusScorpioTaurusVirgo Fav. Color Combo: Blue/SilverBlack/WhiteGrey/RedGreen/GoldPink/BlackPurple/BlackBlue/OrangeBlack/RedMix and match theseNone of these Your dreams generally include: Realistic […]

So, I found a way to eat “Spicy Beef “水煮牛肉 from Lao Shi Chuan 老四川, and still be ok.  Level up?   you probably need to turn off the music on the background first, and then click on the movie clip.

Human TestingThis is a question I got.“Dear Leon,I’m taking anthropology this quarter. Most of the Anthropologists believe that chimpanzees belong to our own genus. In this case, how this inclusion might influence the way we think about and treat our closest relatives? Would it still be acceptable to keep them in zoos or perform medical […]