Monthly Archives: March 2005

“The more often you see a person, whether in real live or on TV, the more you’ll feel like he/she is your friend.  And when a friend recommands a product to you, you’re more likely to go buy it.”  That’s why marketing people pays millions of dollars to have celebrities advertise products for them.  ——————————Resetting my goal.  12 […]

Perhaps it’s due to getting new experience over the  mini retreat, I have had weird dreams like.. being chased by a cow while driving a little car in a mall, and then chased by this terrorist who looks like a hobo and have “carrot top” hair.  But the most interesting one comes from last night. […] not only is the news interesting, so are the comments.

“My conclusion is that success is not a specific achievement, level or possession.  It is an orientation.  Success is finishing today having improved on yesterday and doing the same tomorrow.”  – Wes Beavis from *Giving your life a Success Make Over.* I’ve been a little down.  That quote nicely expresses the reason behind my depression.  […]

FYI went to “World Relief” today for its “Project Refugee” .. and it was AWESOME!!   We got to role play as the refugees and took the steps they need to get through to come to the USA.  I played the role of a Somalian boy.  I tried to bribe the UN officers and the States […]

From Game Developer Conference.  “Spore” by Will Wright (the creator of Sim City, The Sim) Japanese Games vs. US Games As my team is designing this tactics game of LOTR, I found out that American designers are quite different.  The project started out as the publisher asked us to “make a simple Final Fantasy Tactics-liked […]

Another Vitas clip (see my Jan 24 post for those who don’t know).. I’ll take it off in a few days. This is the link. ————On Sunday….. the translation went…._____.  I didn’t know what was coming out from my mouth when I was on the stage.  I blame 2 ppl for my not sleeping well.  grr.  […]