Monthly Archives: February 2005

It’s been a while indeed, but seeing that I’ll be really busy the whole summer, I’ll hastly bring out this new entry of… Green Slime’s Magical Shop – Dream Opus!! In this busy world, have you ever run out of time before you run out of work?  Are you getting less than enough sleep every single day?  […]

In asking God to expand my territory and to give me blessings, I learn that I need to to be qualified, as in doing my current tasks with excellence, before God’ll let me take on more responsibilities.  Of course, there’re times that I’ll find out that I’m climbing on the wrong ladder, and what I […]

Here’s a quote from Alxander Taylor, in 1787.  “Democracy is always temporary in nature.  It simply CAN NOT exist as a permanent form of government.  A democracy will continue to exist up until the time the voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.  From the moment on, the majority will always […]

Where to begin?  Let’s begin with some laugher and smile.  Happy Fist. The question is:  where’s grandma then? ——-So we celebrated the Year of the Crimson-Crown-bird at church.  My experimental dish named: “Hair on Fire“, was cleaned up.  I guess people liked it.  Then.. I had the surprise privilege to meet my friendster/xanga friend Angela […]

The first fortune cookie of the new Rooster year says, “An admirer is concealing his affection towards you.”   …….. ……… ……….. aaaaa a a a a a aa a a a  well….. friend, I’m not afraid.  but you should be… (jk).  

Dream Log: This time, my dream is like… Silent Hill~~~~ In the beginning, the main character isn’t me, but this O.C (original character) guy.  At the bottom 2 floors of this tall office building is a movie theater.  This guy, I guess my friend, has a deal to get really cheap movie tickets, and can […]

I went to a lunar new year program organized by the Taiwanese Association.  ¥xÆW¦P¶m·|.  The “word on the street” says that it’ll be like the Night Market ©]¥«.  So I went with a few friends.  All I can say is: §Ú±Ñµ¹§Ú¦Û¤v¤F! orz  … I lost to myself.  I participated in programs organized by different KC Chinese associations when I was […]