Monthly Archives: January 2005

TEAMWORK!  That’s what I’m talking about!  In the leadership class by pastor Mike, Teamwork is:  Trust, Econimize Energy, Affirmation, Manage Mistake, W__,  O___, Reorganize, and Knowledge.The 4 Fs leading to discouragement are: Fatigue, Frustration, Fear, and Failure.  Rest, Remember the Lord, Reorganized, R____.. (sigh.. bad student I am.) Advertisements

You scored as Hope. Hope- with you are the dreams of the trust that is given by those you are with. Hope 68% Temperance 68% Charity 68% Justice 68% Fortitude 64% Faith 61% Prudence 46%The Seven Heavenly Virtuescreated with well…… it seems that I’m not too strong in everything.  That sucks.    It’s like…. […]

Bose, Amar Last night, I read about this amazing gentleman, a self-made Billionaire, once again, affirming that rich men *think* differently than poor men.  He’s a great inventor, a MIT professor, and the founder of Bose technology.  After 24 years of research, his newest invention, the electro-magnetic wheel suspension system, just surfaced.  He not only invented that, […] This Russian singer has the Devil’s voice.  His name is Vitas.  He can sing higher and better than most of the sopranos I know.  ¶W¶V¤kºq¤âªº²M«G°ª¤®ºqÁn.  À³¸Ó¤£¬O¦a²y¤H¡I  ìIºq¤â??   (maybe he’s a Martian). —— This is 100% Kuso. I have to say that Koreans are…. Kuso #1 (click the link) Guess who this is supposed to be?

<Detail> I read about some traits of a bad leader from my last night’s reading.  One of the characters is: “Don’t pay attention to detail.”  Frankly speaking, that’s pretty much me.  I always think that “Details will take care of themselves once the action starts.”  or “Details will be handled by the working ants, not the queen […]

So, I finally played Resident Evil 4.  This time’s main character is .   Amazing graphics and gameplay.  I have not seen any  yet, but it’s still very intense.   goes to search for the President’s kidnapped daughter in Europe.  For some reasons, all the villagers are hostile and want to kill him with axes, scythe, forks, chainsaw, knives, […]

Praise the Lord!  The demo is delivered! This song is by a symphonic metal band called “Epica”.  Polygami (this thought is NOT for children nor teens) This thought is inspired by a chat with my friend a few days ago.  We think that in a polygami system, a man should have multiple wives.  But I […]