Monthly Archives: November 2004

Let’s have a happier song.  by OSTER Project I got this idea from another site.If you can only choose 3 of 4 for your other half… which ones you will prefer?  Brain (smart/intelligent), Looks, Personality, and Common Interests. so.. which one will you drop? Advertisements

Green Slime’s Pick Pocket School So!  Guys and Girls.  Where is the best place to pick pockets?  Not that I recommand you doing it, because God and I are against stealing something that’s not yours.  Nevertheless… the best place for guys to pick the pocket is in the public restrooms.  Make sure your target is the […]

I’ve always think that I’m not considerate enough.  There’re things that I should have known, signs I should have gotten, and things I shouldn’t have done if I were more considerate of another people.  The opposite of considerationness is selfishness.    May the Lord help me to be more considerate and focus on others. I watched “The […]

On Saturday, the youth group went to Liz’s home to make pies for the Saturday night thanksgiving church potluck.  It was ling ling’s idea.  But.. I thought, why make conventional pies when we can make a mess, experiment a little, and have awesome memory?  So we made 2 experimental pies:  PineApple Red-Bean pie.. and DiaKon […]

Today, the message was about the testamony of God in the old testament.  And it’s literally, the tablet of the 10 commandment.  And the pastor Jonathan talked about how the enemie tries to wipe out that testamony by voilating the commandments. Business is exploding.    Lydia and I have set up 4 plans for the next […]

From the reading I did a couple nights ago, I remembered something that was said in the Portland conference.  What do you think? Play Your Roles There’re many roles we play in our lives.  Many of which are been played simultaneously.  I’m an employee, a son, a servant of my Lord, a brother, a businessman, a […]

Coupon I met an old friend last night, COUPON.  Seeing my friend with the coupons at the restaurent made me remember in the old days when we first came to USA, my aunt and mom, cutting those coupons and going from supermarket A to supermarket B because B has eggs 25 cents cheaper.  Hmm…. perhaps it’s women (asian women) […]