Monthly Archives: October 2004 Green Slime’s Brain Usage Profile: Auditory 50%Visual : 50%Left : 55%Right : 44% Now… my left and right brain don’t add up to 100%.  something is missing.    Where are you, my 1% brain? ————– I think Iron Chefs must do things like this in each show. Advertisements

 Run from friends who say “You can never succeed and fullfill your dream.  For this and that reasons, it won’t work for you.  Why don’t you stay where you are and hang out with us?”  Run away. As your dream changes, who you listen to and take advise from should change too.  A man walked […]

PORTLAND F.E.D is awesome!!  ALL of you should go to F.E.D.  next year.  Man.. WW2 could have been prevented years before it happened.  But because of the lack of integrity in the leadership, 55 million people got killed.  I didn’t know that terrorists have been killing US people for over a decade.  But during this […]

Dream Log: Fighting Dinosauers with sub-machine tazer guns.  The Dinos are about 4x the size of hippos and rhinoceros.  They are breaking out from a force field.. so we (me, this girl, and this guy) must tazar them before all of them get out and cause great harm….. enough said.

Got my butt kicked in racquet ball by a guy who beat me with his left hand.  (Said that he’s been training to play with left hand, yet….. !) Dream Log: Fighting this psycho girl who likes me.  She’s an assassin and I’m a security guy for her VIP target.  I never want to fight girls, […]

thx to zphreak.. I got this video. check it out..and let’s share what you think about it. 

I miss the younger days.  I want to transform too!  This song fires me up!!The younger days, everything was cool.  There’s evil everywhere with each new episode.Plant demon, make-up artist demon, the pianist demon (who uses music to do evil), the teacher got possessed by demon, the fish demon.  Just where ever the hero goes (let’s say […]