Monthly Archives: September 2004

aha.. too bad this is the poker card, but ‘The Quest’ card game.  It’s played more like Magic, the Gathering. It’s my turn to respond,  And it’s tricky too.  I must counter them with special ordering.Working up and down the stack, we see thatCard 1 a does no damage.  Since I wrote “cause has to […]

September 29!!!  What day is it?! Green Slime’s The Quest. #1 Chain of Cause and Effect. Every effect has a cause.  And the cause must be greater than or equal to the sum of all the effects.  If the effect is greater than the cause, then that means some part of the effect was uncaused – […]

yey… my camera testing.

You can compromise about your belief, but real Christians can’t.  At least, not in those kind of situations.  So you had it easy.  And you can keep on making compromises and ‘jump through the hoops’ with lies.  On the other hand, if you had answered “I don’t believe Jesus”, and he gives you a low grade, […]

Dream Log:  At the end of my current game project, we had a company meeting.  The chairman said to everyone.  “congradulation on finishing ths game, team Snicket.  But due to resource reason, we need to let several people go.  Bob Crunk, Leon Yiatso. … … etc .etc etc.”  BAM!  I was kind of expecting it, yet […]

Dream Log: I don’t recall I’ve ever dreamt about eating before.  But in the dream, I went back to Taiwan.  The streets are wide, yet crowded.  I went into a resturant and ordered something.  What came was this huge plate of pork chop rice!!  And the pork chops are huge, juicy, tender, and…. yummy!  I […]

Dream Log: Because of Zphreak showing me the movie trailor of the zombie comedy, Shuan of the Dead, I had a horrible dream of Zombies.  Lots of them.  But the interesting thing to point out is that whenever we got to a dead end where the zombies are too overwhelming, I’d say “ok… stop.. this […]