This dream is interesting to me.

It’s like I’m reading a book, and watching the movie of the book.  The setting is in a medival castle on a lake. 
The story is about 2 twin teenage sisters who have the job of looking after the 2 princes of a country.  Both princes are about 6 years old.  The younger sister, who’s looking after the younger prince, is jealous of her older sister.  She’s so jealous that she wants to murder her sister somehow.  So, she’s secretly stirring up the younger prince’s desire to take over the throne of his older brother, who rightfully shall inherit the kingdom.  
And here I thought “hmm the story is getting tense and interesting.  Yet I skipped the beginning of the book and went straight to the middle.  (my bad) So I want to start reading from the beginning now.”  So I flip the pages to the beginning. 
During this whole reading/movie scene, the music of “Swan Lake” was playing in the back ground.  (now it’s stucked in my head.)

I’ve been reading the book “The Case for Faith”.  interesting reading.  I learned that all believes claim a certain truth.  And the one property of truth is that it’s exclusive.  For example.. if Hindu’s reincarnation is true, then what Jesus says can’t be true.  If Koran is true, then Buddahism can’t be true.  Buddah defied Hindu’s cast system.  Atheism excludes Koran. 
Which belief explains the big 4 well?  The big 4 are: Origin, Morality, Meaning/Purpose, and Destiny.


Captain:  you like that picture?  LOL.  That dream has myst (zombie), horror, suspense, comedy (the sperm part), and sci-fi all in one. 
I have different vehecles of making money.  I can help you with one of them, since I have a system and a team in Michigan.  The other ones are system-less for now.  (except my brand new: Project- D Ego idea.) 


I remember when I was in college, I was in the learning mode.  I attended most of the training classes offered by my church, to deepen my skills to serve and my knowledge of the Bible.  Yet, this time.. when the church is offering this training of sunday school teacher, I somehow didn’t get excited like I used to.  Hmmmm odd.  Is it because I’m now a counselor, I begin to feel “oh!  I don’t need to learn anymore.”?  Is it because I now have so many things in life that I think “oh!  I don’t have time.”?   or simply “teaching sunday school teaching doesn’t interest me”?
…….. *confused*  what has changed?    Regardless of how I feel now, I know I should attend to equip myself better. 



  1. If someone today offered me a free class on C++ programming, or linked lists… I think i’d pass.   Back in college though, I would have been the first person to show up.  And I would have sat in the front row.  Sure there’s more I could learn about linked lsits, or C++, but i’m happy with my current understanding of the stuff.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    I think you got too much on your mind Jack. No worries, I’ll go and tell you what happens (jk, no way).
    Mainly I think its because it doesn’t really apply to you. I can’t really envision you teaching sunday school… well I could I guess. But you already do a lot in church, and you can (IMO) spend your time in other places where you can use your talents better (i.e. translating ^^).

  3. your lack of interest may be simply because you have grown out of that phase.  remember when we were playing chess non-stop?  Everyday, after school, and then reading books, and memorising openings, traps, lines of attack….Right now, I don’t really have that much desire to even open a chess board.  Maybe it’s because I devoted a lot of time to it, so much time that the game lost its spark.

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