… coming back from a business meeting last night, I started to think about a system for my friends’ company.  I hope there’s a way to generate residual income, or at least to have a good trade of time and money.  And thank God, an idea came up,
Tr1dent!! We’ll be super rich!
I call it, Project: D Ego . So… we need to have a talk, tr1dent. Thursday!

On the side note, the speaker talked about that we need a dream/desire that makes us “come alive”.  I started to think what makes me come alive.  Making/designing good games, showing my business and give dreams to others, helping FYI, and more stuff.  They all seems good, thus bringing me the question “which one do I need to focus on?”  So, judging from the result in the long run, my business is the only one that can buy my time back.  Yet it involves something I don’t like do to at all: meeting new people.  Of course, I’m not too into programming as well. 

I got very excited because of this business idea and $$ making that it was difficult to fall asleep.  Perhaps causing a few weird dreams.

Parental Advisory suggested.  I apologize for the disturbance.  New readers be warned.  Read at your own risk.  If your’re reading this via the email… skip now, or get shocked. 

1)  I see my sister almost naked before me.  She has a super flat chest, wide shoulders, short hair, and totally lean and muscular.  (Basically, it’s a guy’s top half.  I didn’t dare to look what’s down there.)   ( I watched the 400m female final olympic race last night).   so…. I am like. “ Sis!  You’re like a boy!  What happened!!?   You’re more handsome than me!!  (not to say that she has a tight 6 pack abs).” Then I told myself “What the hell is this dream??!! let’s change it.” 
Woke up a second, and fell asleep again.
On the side note, wow.. those female divers, swimmers, and runners mostly have flat chest and wide shoulders.  That’s very wrong. 

2)  A secret seal has been put together (by accident)…… and thus brought back the horrible evil from the grave:  an alien sperm!!  (or worm.. looks like a giant sperm with a face on it)

I must be on crack when I am sleeping. 

3) many more messed up dreams.. but they’re beyond description.  and too incoherant for me to remember the detail.




  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Yeah it was interesting… to put it mildly ><

  3. mildly? more like extremely… the word interesting is a world apart from “disturbing”, which should be the word used to describe this entry.

  4. ummm I agree =P

  5. thanks for sharing, jax (althoug if I were You, I would have made that log “private” 😉

  6. hey hey i wanna make money too!! and that picture is hilarious!! hahahahahahahahaha, i was cracking up

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